Tipping bramble primocanes – Facts for Fancy Fruit

Tipping bramble primocanes

Tipping of primocanes (new vegetative canes from the ground) is an important management practice for summer bearing blackberries and black raspberries. Tipping the new primocanes causes lateral branching and most of the fruit production next year will be from buds on those lateral branches rather than buds off the main cane. Tipping also helps increase the diameter and strengthen the main cane. Height to tip is relative to vigor. Vigorous thornless blackberries can be tipped at 40-48 inches for best results. Black raspberries should be tipped no higher than 30-36 inches to help develop a stout cane capable of supporting itself. Ideally primocanes should be tipped as they reach the appropriate height with minimal tissue removed. Just pinch or break the tip off. However, if some canes have escaped notice and are taller than desired, it’s still preferable to tip at the appropriate height, even if that means removing a foot or more of cane. Tipping red raspberries and all primocane fruiting brambles is not recommended.

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