Crop Conditions – Facts for Fancy Fruit

Crop Conditions

In Lafayette, apples are at tight cluster and peaches at half-inch green. In southern areas of the state, apples and cherries are approaching full bloom, while peaches are almost at petal fall.

Fruit crops are beginning to develop across the state. The southern areas are well along, with peaches in bloom, apple development past tight cluster, grapes at bud burst and strawberry flowers emerging from crowns. These areas are at risk from any frost or freezing weather that might occur. Peaches, grapes and strawberries are at highest risk of damage. As noted recently, cold air is expected to move into the state this weekend. In central and northern parts of the state, fruit crops are at less risk due to more delayed development. In Lafayette, apples are at half-inch green to tight cluster, grapes are at early swell or still dormant, brambles are beginning growth with flowering laterals developing on floricanes and new primocanes emerging. Strawberries have new leaves but flower buds have not pushed from the crowns. Peaches have half-inch vegetative shoots, but in our plantings there does not appear to be many (if any) live flower buds, which is a bit surprising given the relatively mild winter. Plums are also at half-inch green and flower buds appear live and healthy. Among the less common fruits, pawpaw flowers are swelling, honey berries are at early bloom as are currants and gooseberries. Elderberry shoots are 2 to 3 inches long.

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