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Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Grower Mail Lists

With harvest around the corner for many fruit crops, I thought this would be a good time to remind readers about our email lists. Various forms of social media is used by just about everyone in today’s society.  While Facebook and Twitter are much more commonly used than email, there is still a place for email lists. Mail lists continue to be a successful communication tool for groups of people.

The way a mail list works is that people subscribe and then have the authority to post messages to the list. All other subscribers on the list receive the messages. One message can be sent to hundreds of readers at once. Replies to messages on a mail list can either go only to the sender of the message or to the entire list.

Purdue HLA Extension maintains two mail lists for users. The “Fruitveg” list is for all fruit and vegetable growers, farm marketers, etc. in Indiana and surrounding states. The “Winegrape” mail list is primarily for the Indiana wine industry. Anyone can subscribe to either list. Once subscribed users can post messages to the list.  Our lists are are set so that replies go only to the sender. If you prefer to reply to everyone on the list, hit “reply all” and check to see that the list address is in the send box.

The mail lists were established to allow Indiana fruit and vegetable growers, wine grape growers and wineries, and farm marketers to interact with each other electronically. Growers and marketers have been using this forum for free and open exchange of information and ideas. The list are used to coordinate group purchases of equipment and supplies, and as a forum to buy and sell produce and used equipment and supplies. Each year grape growers post grapes available and many wineries have used the site to sell used equipment. We encourage all growers to subscribe to the lists.

To subscribe to the lists, click on the links below.

Commercial Fruit and Vegetable – The Fruitveg mail list is for Indiana fruit and vegetable growers, and farm marketers to communicate electronically.

Wine and Grape Production– The Winegrape mail list is for Indiana and regional grape growers and winemakers to communicate electronically.

While we do not moderate the lists, we watch activity. We do not allow personal vendettas, inflammatory comments or other inappropriate use of the list. Any statements made do not represent “official” opinions, and Purdue University takes no responsibility for content.

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